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I am a Professional Engineer, located near Toronto, who specializes in using the SolidWorks suite of products for CAD designs, CAD animations and CAD renderings. I am a Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP). I am also SolidWorks certified in Advanced Sheet Metal and Advanced Mold Tools. I have used SolidWorks since 2001.

I own SolidWorks Premium 2018 and I am on subscription to stay current.  I have kept SolidWorks releases going back to 2014, to stay compatible with clients who have not upgraded. This is very important because older releases of SolidWorks cannot open files saved in "future" versions.

I also own SolidWorks Visualize Professional 2018 (formerly Bunkspeed) to do my renderings. Visualize is the perfect rendering tool because it maintains a link with the original SolidWorks files. Thus the SolidWorks model can be changed and Visualize will notice and ask about updating its files.

For nine years I owned a custom display manufacturing business in Toronto, so I am very comfortable with taking a client’s pencil sketch idea and doing a complete 3D model in SolidWorks to get design approval before creating a full set of manufacturing drawings.

 I believe in "walk before you run", and I hate rework, so I get client feedback early and often to be sure we are always on the same track.

 I use GrabCAD Workbench to securely share files with my clients. You will be able to use your web browser to view, rotate, measure & annotate the files. You can also download the files and work on them. Once you are satisfied, I will do the drawing package.

For clients without SolidWorks, I use Dropbox to share files.

I literally have clients around the world so I am used to working the time zones!

SolidWorks CAD Design & Visualize Rendering