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SolidWorks CAD Design

It all starts with the SolidWorks CAD design!

By doing a quick 3D model of your project idea, you get immediate feedback as to any details that may have been overlooked. When doing this initial design, I don't bother with details like fasteners so that you get that first look quickly. I save the model as an eDrawing so that you can view & rotate it in 3D, then provide me your comments.

Once you are happy with the basic design, I add details, like fasteners, etc. to finalize the model. Note that I am refining that initial model, which saves time.

The last step is to produce a drawing package for manufacturing. Because the CAD mode contains all the details, SolidWorks drawings are just views of the parts & assemblies. For sheet metal parts, I save the flat pattern as a DXF so that drawings are really just a cross-check.

SolidWorks CAD Design & Visualize Rendering